Friday, 11 May 2012

POST 2O - May 5th 2012

Five years since GoddessMaria assaulted me then decided to blow herself up, in inexplicable, and unimaginable cowardice. If anybody knows where this dishonest and incompetent vice whore is, please contact me now. She is a friend of GoddessAlexia, of GM was last seen in Hackney, east London.  Thankyou.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Post 19 - THEPLATINUMCAGE.CO.UK. (29/04/12)

     It took me a long time to accept and admit to myself, that my involvement with somebody like the preposterously named GoddessMaria was a foolish mistake. I trusted a vice whore and that was stupid. It further irritates me that the dickheads in the London Fetish Scene have an opinion on something that does not concern them and they are ignorant about. Fucktards. All of them can go to hell.
   It takes guts to stand up against wrongdoing and cowardice. Backstabbing losers.
I am tired of all the bickering, backbiting and bitterness. I cannot understand what GoddessMaria did, or why. Let alone her subsequent attitude. It would be fair to say, that I allowed her to make a fool of me.  She is dishonest, arrogant and delusional. What sickeningly low character and nastiness she has exhibited. One wonders if she learned anything in the 5 years, since she viciously kicked me in the head.
       All of this should and could have been resolved years ago.

Post 18 - (29th April 2012).

          In one weeks time, it will be 60 full months since fake Dominatrix, GoddessMaria from kicked me in the head savagely. I still have no idea why she did this and  am disgusted by her lack of concern about the injuries she caused me. GoddessMaria gave me no option but to expose her, for what she did. She is no longer in Homerton, Hackney, as far as I know. If anybody can confirm, please contact me.
           It would be fair to say that GoddessMaria has a delusional narcissism problem and a nasty arrogance. I deeply regret my involvement with this dishonest, incompetent whore. Rather than face up to her responsibilty for what she did, she chooses to hide, with the guy that Mohan (prick) describes as a pimp. I dont even know any of these scummy arseholes and have no wish to. They are all cowards and intellectually, socially and morally inferior people.
             I have tried to reconcile things with this foul prostitute, but she has stuck her head up her own backside, to her own detriment and mine. There is still time and opportunity to sort this matter out. I openly invite SexGoddessMaria (youve got to laugh at the massive self-aggrandizement) to contact me. Get some guts, self-respect and honour dear. Or hide forever. The choice is yours. Time for anger, lies and games is over.  Time to grow up and face the kind of person that you are, now that everybody knows.                                                                                                                                                                          You have nobody to blame but yourself. I trusted and respected you and you betrayed me. That is why you forced me to publically destroy you. Stop sulking. 5 years is a long time.  Please contact me as an adult and lets talk. I am sorry for any unpleasantness, but what you did to me was very serious and you need to know that.

Monday, 23 April 2012

POST 17 - GODDESSMARIA - 23rd April 2012

  I went to Roding Road, Homerton. Some guy who claimed to be the Landlord, told me that sexGoddessMaria has gone. Something is happened. I think that dishonest whore is trying to pull a fast one. Anybody confirm or deny that delusional, dishonest, arrogant cunt is still there in Hackney?

Monday, 26 March 2012

POST 16. Monday 26th March 2012..

I am definately suing GoddessMaria of Stay tuned for details. I will be seeing her tomorrow.

Monday, 12 March 2012

POST 15. March 12th 2012.

Just learned that Hackney Police will not be prosecuting GODDESSMARIA for assaulting me. I am disappointed. However, she is on the Met Police computer, so that will have to suffice. Just in case she does it again to somebody else. Sometimes the system is on your side. However, I am suing her. Hopefully she will be bankrupted.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Post 14 - SexGoddessMaria in Hackney, London

Sexgoddessmaria of the olatinumcage in Hackney, London is now a suspected criminal - official! Metropolitan Police computer says so. Police are investing her for assault case. This will be GBH most likely and will go to Crown Court. This blog is to keep up to date, with followers keen to learn of her trial and sentencing. Goddessmaria is criminal and if you have any info that can help the Police, please contact me urgently. Have never taken somebody to court before, so it all very exciting. High time that Goddessmaria of was brought to book for her assault and criminal lifestyle.